Denis Beckett is technically an advocate. He mentions this because people assume that to have survived five years of university casts a glow of wisdom over what a person does. Delusional as that assumption is, no harm capitalising on it. What he has done has been an eternity of mainly media-type stuff in South Africa. While much of this has delivered fun and even lucre, it all backtracks to the same question: how to arrange for awkwardly diverse societies to knit into very satisfactory wholes.

This site is his answer, which, after gestating for around as long as the median member of the human race has been alive, is still rising.

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Mouth and Pen for Hire

Mediation Know that a few decades down the track, a third or a half of disputes that are now dealt with by law will be settled speedily and simply by mediation. If you get in a tangle, you’re frying in resentment, you’re loath to escalate, speak to a mediator, like me. It's possible and probable that you'll see no risk, repeat no risk, in giving mediation a go. It's possible though not probable that the outcome can leave both parties more satisfied than either party would be from the legal process.

Motivation My approach to the dreaded "motivational speech" is not the five secrets of happiness, the twelve keys to success, or insistence that you can do anything you make yourself believe you can do. It is offering people grounds to reassess their likely assumption that the world is a train smash, things fall apart. Demogarchy comes into this reassessing, yes, but in keeping with audience. The focus can be lighter, practical, here-and-now.

Mirroring Everyone wants to know how others see them, so they say. Well, I'll tell you. I'll tell you in any of many ways from a half-hour speech to a book. Just know that if you do commission me to be your mirror, the mirror reflects what I see. I'll hear you avidly on what I may have miss-seen, but if you try to censor the final product and pass it off as my judgment has, we fall out.

Wordsmithing Humbler, different, easier, cheaper than contentious Mirroring. If I'm not putting my name to it I'll make your speech, your brochure or your newsletter say what you want to say. We’ll discuss the way you want to say it, the tone, the gravitas, the levity, the lot. Happy to report that my success rate in this area of activity is fine. Very possible that my first draft will ring too freewheeling for chairmanly or chief-executive tastes. I'll run that risk because where it scores, it scores well. Where it doesn't, it adjusts readily.